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option4 – Do Work EP

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Our very close friend option4 has finally released his latest masterpiece “Do Work” for FREE via his Soundcloud page. Chances are, if you’ve been to any one of the many events the man has played over the passed 6 months, you’ve heard him drop this deep dark techy beast. The release also features a brilliant remix from Bit Funk. He adds a catchy vocal loop and sexy synths to provide a much brighter version of the tune. As a bonus, option4 also had an awesome video put together to accompany this momentous occasion and sadly we’re having issues with our Youtube player, but you can check that out HERE. Meanwhile both versions of Do Work are available for your listening and downloading pleasure below.


Snowbrunch 11pm-3pm Saturday March 9th

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


If you’re planning on attending Snowball this year, we highly recommend starting your day off Saturday on festival grounds before they open with Snowbrunch.  Featuring a self service brunch, top shelf cocktails, free product from the sponsors, 10 arcade games and intimate performances from some of Denver’s best up and coming artists. It will be a great opportunity to mingle with some of the performing artists and fellow festival goers, get a good meal in your belly and get your pregame on. All proceeds go to Colorado based non-profit organization Phoenix 999 so it’s for a very worthy cause. Purchase your tickets HERE and check out tunes from some of the artists performing below. See you there!

A Year In the Making – TheHundred Turns 2! Volta Bureau 1/26/13 @ Beauty Bar Denver

Friday, January 25th, 2013


If you’ve been paying attention to this blog, or the scene in Denver, then you know month after month The Hundred has been bringing great music, dancing, vibes, energy, and fun to the Denver music scene for over a year, seems like yesterday when I wrote this article, not really knowing exactly what I was getting into or where it would go, but the concept was intriguing and original, I never imagined or expected it to be what it turned out to be, and I can honestly say it’s something I am proud to be a part of. I’ve seen so many great up and coming DJ’s who are now regulars on my playlist, who keep growing in popularity, who often come back to Denver at double or triple the price – The Hundred is definitely paving the way for shows in Denver, becoming a legitimate ‘main stay’ as the founder himself puts it.

If you are a Hundred regular, welcome back, if you have never been to a Hundred party, now is the time – a sense of community, partying with your friends every month, making new friends, new music, and seeing that music at an amazing price and intimate setting..I can’t honestly put it into words, which is why I put this video together – in celebration of an amazing year and another year to come (Only my second video, so go easy on me!):

I was lucky enough to sit down with The Hundred’s founder, Brennen Bryarly, AKA option4, who recently came off a successful tour, to pick his brain on what he’s learned the first year, thoughts about the group, and what we can expect in the future:

What surprised me was that last year was his first year booking talent – you would think with the solid line-up, schedule, and shows, that he was an industry veteran, but as he describes it, “just a regular guy” – he admits while making slight mistakes (definitely unnoticed!) he’s learned so much especially around timing and the music tastes of the group and the scene in general. 2012 will be hard to top, but to me, this means only bigger and better things in 2013!

We talked at length about what people can expect in the future, including a tighter booking schedule, new ways of promotion, and turning The Hundred into a music blog. The vision is an open public schedule way in advance and an avenue to expose people to new music – specifically focusing on shows coming to Denver driven by the core group.

I mentioned way above what I think the group has become, to Brennen as well it blew every expectation he had – really how everyone in the group has become such good friends – everything from people doing art shows together, helping people move, community and friendships that does not really exist in nightlife culture – to me this really sets the group and party apart from anything else that’s out there – even if you are not part of the “The Hundred” you are immediately made welcome and respected.

I asked about what other surprises we can expect? How about Hundred parties in different states? Yep, he has it all thought out. How about an industry night dedicated to bringing in national acts? Yep. A Monday night party at a soon-to-be-revealed location with an interesting twist – no set cover, only a voluntary donation, if you donate you get a free beer – out of state acts at random but not announced – you don’t know who is going to be playing – but if there is a secret guest you can be 99% sure it’s a national act – all in the name of our industry folks who can’t party Friday or Saturday but still want to get down and have a good time..the name of this night..”The Weekend” – you heard it here first!

So why Volta Bureau for the first show of the year? Volta Bureau are a Washington DC based electronic music group consisting of Will Eastman, Outputmessage & Micah Vellian. They draw on all three members’ rich musical tastes and vast experience creating a hypnotic, cosmic take on house, techno and disco. Brennen describes listening to their hit track “Alley Cat” on beatport and being blown away, when he was presented with the opportunity to bring them out to kick off their U.S. tour he didn’t hesitate, and confirmed the booking within minutes! He is excited to see how they play together and knows it will be a special night. He describes them as doing disco right and staying true to the scene. Here are the details:

9PM – Need & Necessity (THEHUNDRED DEBUT!!!)

945PM – DJ Babyshoe

1030PM – Ricard (Hed Kandi, Absinthe House, Boulder)

1115PM – option4 (TheHundred, VCR)

1145PM – Studio Casual (Chicago, Stripped & Chewed)

1230AM – VOLTA BUREAU (Nervous Records, Defected)

Check out the tracks below and and join us 1/26/13 @ Beauty Bar Denver!

Volta Bureau – Alley Cat

Volta Bureau – Loved Cubed

Icona Pop – I Love It feat. Charli XCX (Volta Bureau Remix)

Volta Bureau – Let Go

Volta Bureau – Erase The Streets (feat. Gwenno)

Track in the video:

Photo credit: TheHundred Denver Facebook and talented photographers

Content: TheHundred Facebook, Volta Bureau fan page