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StarStuff Honor Roll

Amanda Daily                                            Rhapsody
Jeremy Volkman                                       Charmaine
The Weekend                                             Brennan Bryarly
Emily psyduck                                           EOTO (Snowball)
Samar                                                   Radiohead (1st Bank Center)
The Rapture (The Marquis Theatre) MGMT (REd ROcks during the monsoon)
Jimmy Blendrix                                          Jennifer Grimm

CULTS (larmier lounge)

(The honor roll is reserved for bands who have blown our minds and people who have inspired us, impressed us, or helped out with the blog! :D)


craig says:

Lol Collin, you are one of us, you add people to the Honor Roll!!

Collin says:

Don’t I get a spot on the honor roll? 🙁