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sex robot DNA thief and Dr. Hubris’ magical sunshine potion

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2011 at 6:43 pm in Nicholas, Uncategorized by nicholas


The dark…

This has to end. These 2 am excursions. Why? You’re wearing sweatpants. What should I be wearing? A bathing suit and sombrero. Really? Hipster tights tucked into boots would also suffice.  Is that it? No, you’re also smoking a cigarette and drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. You need me. All I need is sunshine. Your libido needs me. Maaaaaybe. Who’s going to suck your dick when you’re drunk and lonely? Don’t know, don’t care, this isn’t Paris—you have the body, but not the soul, you’re a sex robot DNA warrior thief and you’re freaking me out.  Gooooodbye gooodbye….

And the light…

Separate the leaf from the bud. There’s bright shiny treasure beaming throughout the city. There’s strange nostalgia for the future playing on my speakers. She’s tapping her barefoot on my old wood floor. She thought I fell. I could fall, I could fall…if it wasn’t into a black hole. But we can dance, we can dance and howl at the moon because that’s all we really need.  And here we are talking in a tree: You’re sunshine in a sack. You’re the moon in the meadow.  You’re the first day of summer. You’re the last day of spring. You’re an electrolyte magnet. You’re a drunk magician. You’re a forgotten dream. You’re a slutty muse. You’re a poetic tyrant.  Helloooo helloooo

Sebastian – Embody

Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)


Metronomy – She Wants

Bon Iver – Skinny love (das kapital remix)

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (white noise remix)

Timber Timbre – Black Water

Luyas – Too Beautiful to work

Craig says:

And we’reee backkkk!!!!!!