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Mixtape Melting Pot (Perseus, Nhan Solo, Amine Edge etc)

Posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 at 9:37 pm in Uncategorized by Collin

This is the first installment of a monthly post I’ll be doing about mixtapes specifically. I would like to include at least one mix from a local DJ each month. That said, if you’d like your mix featured please pop it in our drop box and we’ll go from there. As I’m sure most of you have noticed, my tastes lean primarily in the indie house/disco realm, but that’s just me. Genre doesn’t matter.

Lets kick off our first installment with an exclusive mix that Perseus laid down for I-D Magazine. It includes a few tracks from his French Express brethren as well as (what sounds like) a few exclusives. At approx 30 minutes in length, it’s short and extremely sweet.

Next up we have yet another exclusive mix from I-D Magazine and this one is from Nhan Solo. He’s a producer from Berlin and he has a strong affinity for Hip-Hop and funk as you’ll notice both in his mixes and productions. He’s one of my favorite producers at the moment and this mix includes a few original tracks from his latest release on Nurvous as well as some exclusives.

Amine Edge hails from France and from what I can tell you could pretty much take your pick from his Soundcloud page because this dude makes an art out “killing it.” Of course his productions are also top notch and I really hope to see him make a stop here when he comes stateside. Here’s a live recording of a set he recently played in Belgium. Naaaasty…..

Finally…I’m going to do some shameless self promotion and share my latest Mixtape. It’s chock full of some of my favorite tracks from the past few months. If you like what you hear, follow me on Soundcloud here.