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I <3 Music Festivals...Coachella, Lolla, WMC, 2010, and 2011?

Posted on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at 4:07 am in Uncategorized by craig

I had my first experience at a music festival this year for Coachella, I can honestly say it changed my life, it gave me such an appreciation for music, especially live music..don’t get me wrong I’ve always LOVED music, but there’s something about living and breathing it for hours and hours for days on end, different kinds of music at that, constantly coming from every direction, after a while it all just blends into one, you’re surrounded by it, and everyones there for the same reason..Coachella just released an awesome video, check it out below:

Next, I have an EXCLUSIVE, a video my friend C N, or Fahrenhe1t as he likes to call himself,  made during his trip to Lollapalooza 2010

Song list:

Raphael Saadiq- Keep_marchin

Mgmt- Electric Feel

Empire of the sun – Standing on the shore

Question is…where too next year for me?  Coachella again?  Lolla? Go for WMC in Miami?

Edelstec says:

Where did you get those live songs from?!