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If you have a music blog,  you are, by default, cooler than every other single person in the world. Not really. Or maybe? Hmmmmm. But why a music blog? Music has played a direct or indirect role in us meeting some of the coolest, most sophistically fun, honest,  and loving people we have ever met in out whole entire lives. Music surrounds us. We have various playlist for; running, lifting, driving, cleaning, working, writing and all other of our other daily routines. We attend shows weekly. We dance. We dance dangerously.

Denver has a great music scene, almost every show leaves you feeling warm and tingly. That’s what we usually write about, is our wild times going out in Denver.  Basically this site is a love letter to that scene, the music and the people. We hope years down the road our friends may look back at this site and read about our nighttime adventures, the music will be like the sound track of our lives and good memories will be remembered.

So on that note, you gotta hear this one song. It’ll change your life, I swear.




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