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7 miles deep

Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 6:43 am in Uncategorized by nicholas



I etched the rhythm of a song in a cloudy raindrop. I listened to it from up high and down low. It sounded like id never know you again once that raindrop splashed into the ocean. I closed my eyes and held my breath.

She gets the feeling that she’s always awake and she wants to dream but theres no way to sleep. Saying, she doesn’t give a damn about the scene or who’s DJing, not the after party, not interested in the girls in the bathroom stall, the hook ups and gossip because its all drama.


Her forehead reflected the longest wave length and words were humming off her breath and I was the fool who laid down on her roof to talk about the stars with. Now that she’s not kissing me, she’s turning it into a somebody that I used to know scene; not the GOTYE version, the Elliot Smith version, and I got that shit on repeat, looking into a whiskey glass, staring up on a mountain. Listening, over and over again, until his voice is an LED tattoo beating on my heart. X/O. X/O. I root for her even as I dust the cold off my shoulder.



…and the wine drenched French girl, with the filthy mouth, thinks she can relate to a poetic man from a mountain state. She says, I know you. I’ve seen you around. I want to be your friend. I want to party with you. I want to dance and clap. I want to ask your advice on the weekdays. I want to plan magic for the weekends. I want you to come to my house.

Maybe the reason she’s so inspired, is the hour is late, and we still have the moon.Theres lines on her ass. Theres some sweat on my brow, and some scrapes on her knees, and some dirt on my nails, and some grass in her hair.

We walk slow, in slight repose, campfire mellow, shadows circling one another, on the edge of a purple meadow. Its scary, to know the profound risk of losing ourselves, in this highly concentrated lighting bug dream sway, that flickers rapidly between magic and nothing. Its atavistic. With every glance that happens to get caught, we become wild and transparent and sometimes we lose the beauty in the moment and everything becomes so fragile I dare not grasp it. Other times, we plug in to the source, and gain something so soulful it leaves me reeling for days.

Even so, tonight I’m cynical. I’m ready to burn this bridge down, before that rain drop hits the ocean and I know I’ll never really be able to distinguish her again. She says, I’m giving you my time and my love and those are the two most valuable currencies I have, if you cant see that, you’re foolish. I know you. I know you! I know you more than I know God or Radiohead or wine or sex. I’ll see you when the sun sets east.

(editors note: If you think the above post is about you, its not. Download these songs and be happy)

Friends – Home

Twin Shadow – Patient

Grimes – Oblivion

The XX – Angels

Passion Pit – Carried Away

Alt – Breezeblocks