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12/17/11 TheHundred Presents Mykill W/Option4, Dylan LeDisco and Matthew Ferry at Beauty Bar

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Recap: The Hundred Presents Mykill w/Option4, Dylan LeDisco and Matthew Ferry

Last night TheHundred returned to Beauty Bar for our 2nd installment. Resident DJ and brainchild of this unique dance party Option4 will tell you that while the turnout wasn’t quite as large as the 1st installment, “you could cut the good vibe in there with a knife.” I couldn’t agree more. Here we go:

Beatport’s own Matthew Ferry started it off proper by taking advantage of his occupation with a set that primarily consisted of unreleased deep house groovers perfect for building the frame work for what was yet come. Next up was young upstart and Dim Mak affiliate Dylan LeDisco. He took the decks and immediately decided to pick it up a notch. His infectious energy captivated the crowd as slowly, but surely the dance floor filled with eager ears hungry for each high energy heater he proceeded to drop. Next up was resident Option4. He built off of Dylan’s energy and quickly had the crowd grooving like only he can, seamlessly blending both familiar and new tracks while working the crowd into a frenzy of smiling faces. Beads of sweat started to form on foreheads as he smiled back at the crowd connecting and jacking himself into the amazing vibe that was materializing. Finally….San Fransisco’s very own Deejay Mykill. His seemless blend of Disco and Funk infused house officially made EVERYONE start dancing and he was quoted as saying that it was one of the funnest events he’s ever played. His set was absolutely fantastic if I do say so myself and he fed off of the vibe beautifully. When all is said and done…..I think Option4 aka Brennan Bryarly would agree with me when I say it was another success. A true team effort put forth by the talent, the venue and of course….TheHundred. TheHundred look forward to bringing Innerpartysystem to you next month for a DJ set and might I say February’s looking pretty nifty as well. Big things coming.

Shout outs: Ms Amanda Daily whom celebrated her 22nd birthday with us last night. Craig and Nicholas for letting me contribute, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I look forward to adding to the foundation you both have built. Brennan aka Option4…Thank you for being awesome and for allowing us all to be a part of your vision homie!


A few classic tunes heard in the sets of Dylan LeDisco and Option4 last night:



Classix-I’ll Get You Feat. Jeppe (Original Mix)

Duck Sauce-You’re Nasty (Original Mix)

Music + Dancing + Networking = TheHundred

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The second OneHundred party is this Saturday in Denver at Beauty Bar, if you have a passion for music, fun, friends, good people/energy/vibes and beats you should definitely check it out.

Launched last month by option4, theHundred is one of a kind – a monthly dance party where the artists are found, selected, and voted on by the group   – think ‘one hundred’ not just music lovers but music addicts/fanatics/devotees who keep on the cutting edge of music – what’s hot NOW, what WILL be, new genres, DJs, bands, artists, performers, etc – just imagine a group of them altogether, an exploding integrated mix of people with a dedicated focus, commonality, and goal.

Personally, I remember going to shows, listening, and LOVING artists I heard about from even this blog, shows that didn’t sell out, songs or artists no one knew, “What are you listening too?!” is what I would get, only to hear them on the radio, at a clothing store, or hear people talking or posting about them on Facebook years later.

The first party launched last month featuring Damon Allen and was at capacity and an amazing time.

This next party will feature San Francisco dj and producer MyKill who has often been cited as “one of the most energetic dj’s in the Bay Area”. Check him out here

I caught up with option4 this week who is “stoked to hear MyKill play live”. He has big plans for the group – I asked him how he sees the group evolving and he said “I see this hopefully being something of an entity that big shows want to be a part of! If real big shows come thru town they ask us to be a part in the party”.  He wants to start TheHundred in other large cities and have a touring circuit every month. What is he “vibing” this week? Check out

What’s one song he’s been crazy about the last couple months?
More music:

Fortune Days – Glitch Mob (option4 remix)

MyKill – Falling

Here’s a house summer mix from option4

The Revenge of option4 – Summer 2011

Hear the echo closer than its ever been

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

She says she could have a relationship, as long as it doesn’t overshadow the relationship she has with; drugs and dancing and doing whatever the fuck she wants. Its a bad ritual, but it keeps her from looking at the ground.


She doesn’t trust people who throw around words like; love, and honest, and strong. Those are big words, and they’re relative, sometimes they mean a lot and sometimes they mean nothing, and she’s convinced most people who use them don’t understand them.


When she goes out, everything stays full. She keeps marching in sage devotion with the mantra that one day she will be so empty she can float away. In the meantime, her cups are always full, drink up, drink up.


“Don’t you fucking lift me, I want to float away.” She whispers drunkenly against my chest in a DMT dream.


“Like this?!” I say as I pick her up and spin around.


I usually like her best, past midnight, when the whole world is purple, and the clouds are a soft dream. We blend into one of those moments, stretched out in the margins of time and space. Sometimes then, we speak intoxicating truths that are more intimate than kisses.


She has a violent energy, a natural violence, like a star explosion or the strum of a guitar. When I think of her, I think of a dark poet, when I smell her, I smell salt off the ocean, when I see her, I see an electric moon, when I touch her, it creates a magnetic forcefield. She’s amazing.


I can’t be sentimental though, she’s a black hole. Maybe even a man eating succubus.  Sometimes I swear, I’m never going to talk to her again. She’s selfish, and crazy, and she’s so fucking vaporish, sometimes her existence passes right through me and out the door. But somehow, we have built some history, and its a meaningful history, and I find myself biting my lip as she corners me in a room, going a bit crazy, talking her words. I cant take it. I have to leave. I do leave. As I leave, she grabs me, and says, looking very concerned, ‘I know, I know. If you want to recreate the seasons and the stars I GOTCHA! Talk soon.’

Teams vs. Star Slinger – Punch Drunk Love

Timber Timre – Woman


St. Vincent – Neutered Fruit

Girls – Honey Bunny


Miami Horror – Under the Milky Way