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Lets go swimming and listen to death from above

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

C’est fini. C’est fini, you whisper. She looks confused. It’s French you say, but that’s not why she’s confused. The highs are so dizzy, and the lows dont go away over night. She has the emo haircut, the cocaine eyes, the wandering heart. Last summer, she went around town being a cunt and calling it honesty, but only in the dark. You thought it was hilarious. Right now, she is in the middle of a quincunx and is sangfroid and pulchritudinous. You always liked to describe her in words she would never understand. She was only concerned with you, when you weren’t concerned with her at all, crazy like that, ignoring her completely until she’s humping your leg and you were shaking her off. You understood her well, not on purpose, but you do anyhow. You wonder if she will ever understand you, she never asked the right questions, but its not a big concern. You’re happy, she’s happy.  Beautiful people doing beautiful things and you play the roles so well that you cast each other in. C’est fini. C’est fini, you say. All this thinking about thinking. Lets go swimming and listen to ‘death from above.’

CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above