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Glowing in the darkest night… (You keep asking questions, you keep reminding me to breath, you keep remembering my name)

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I’d rather not talk about it. Fine, you can keep doing drugs and never talk about anything. That’s not how it is. Where is your father? I don’t know. Where is your mother? I don’t know. How could you not know? I don’t know. What about that one girl? Nothing. Nothing? A vampire. She is? All signs point to yes; fickle, spontaneous, vain. Even if not, she thinks I’m a shade of yellow. You’re not? No, not yet. Where’s your passion, where’s your glow? Mercury’s is in retrograde. Are you lost? No. I heard you went crazy? I did. What happened? I had feelings of alienation and empathy at the same time. I know you, you have to put your soul into something, what do you want with life? I am going to meet a beautiful woman, we will make love at dawn, mid-day, and twilight. We will travel across the world drink the finest wine, eat the finest foods, read books by firelight, adventure into the strangest of places.  We will be the Universes’ conscious connection to its own existence, and send out sweet energy flying off into the galaxy. Our energy will be stronger than anti-matter or gravity, it will be impregnable, made of pure light, shooting our love off into the darkness of the galaxy. I like that. I’m glad.

You can get Pretty Lights whole media library for free at his website

Pretty Lights – Still Night

Last Nights Party

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Emily Psyduck photo sandwich:

I know the DJ. I fucked the bartender. I’m on the guestlist–+3. Where’s the bathroom? Let’s dance. Look at what that girl is wearing. I hopes its not just creepers and skanks tonight. No one is dancing. This is my boyfriend. This is my girlfriend. Do you have molly? I know you. You’re a tornado.  Don’t you want to get some hot girls fucked up? Did they just say that? Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeease.  Lets take a shot. I don’t drink tequila. I used to go-go. I used to DJ. I like your necklace. I like your neck. I love you. Facebook me. My shoes hurt. I don’t know anyone here. Where’s the afterparty? They party harder in LA. Whats wrong? I didn’t think she was a ‘scene’ girl. Didn’t you meet her in the scene? I guess. How are you getting home? I want you to sleep on my $3000 futon. Do you like board games? I just did coke.  Where’s the love at tonight? Right here…Right here.

Cee-lo Green (feat. Selah Sue) – Please

Kid Cudi ft. St Vincent & Cage – Maniac

Metric – Calculation Theme (SposhRock Remix)

The Doors – People Are Strange (Chew Fu D&G fix)

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean