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Street Love the Denver way – Option4 does it again *NEW RELEASE!*

Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 3:21 am in Uncategorized by craig


This is how we do it in Denver, Colorado!! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, hometown label “Night Supply Records” releases another stellar track featuring local favorite Option4 titled “Street Love”. You probably recognize the name Option4 aka Brennen Bryarly from the infamous “TheHundred” monthly dance parties and now weekly parties called “Home” – the many posts covering the parties and his other releases, and the interview we had not too long ago – not only is Option4 a great friend of the Scallywag crew but an amazing artist, producer, performer, promoter, and overall awesome guy!! We are lucky to have someone like him in our great city!! This track has a perfectly sampled and remixed R&B beat and lyrics from the track Get It Shawty by Lloyd with a smooth sounding house overtone and shows us there’s no limit to what Option4 can do!! We look forward to all his and Night Supply future releases!! Check out our post on the Night Supply debut here: then check out, listen, and download the new track below!


Our buddy Keepers put out a new mix on – check it out here!

Mixtape Monday!

Posted on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 3:53 am in Uncategorized by craig



It’s been a while – so why not? Lately for me it’s been all about the mixes. Time to post some recent favorites to warm up for the  week ahead or to keep those good vibes flowing in all situations – before work, after work, AT work, before going out and AFTER, during the day – all day every day amazing music to keep you busy – I’ll even jam out making breakfast in the morning. Collin used to keep us updated but since he’s been busy with Keepers, I’ll do my best to fill the void, starting with a mix of theirs! What are some of your favorites?! E-mail me!

Keepers – LateSummerNightsDreamTape 

Do yourself a favor and follow Spirit Soul Mix Archive on Soundcloud – you’re always guaranteed a great set – one of the more recent I’ve been listening too is Chris Jylkke – Flatline Disco [Mixtape] – he’s described as a “Nu Disco/ Deep House fanatic” with a “sexy style of music” – that’s what you’ll get from listening to this mix, enjoy!


This mix a little deeper  by KANT called the Gartenhaus Podcast – also from Spirit Soul Mix Archive – definitely worth the listen – going to have to keep an eye on this guy!


Continuing down the deep house wormhole (definitely a good place to be), this JEUDI Records Radio Show – August 2013 – Mixed by Bluford Duck is filled with some great tracks, listen to this before going out, energize, or to put you in a great mood!!


Mellowing things up a little , check out this mix from Satin Jackets


Last but not least, editors choice from Scallywag Aldo, Leeds based DJ & Producer Hot Since 82  has a Knee Deep In August ’13 – Essential Mix – anything from BBC Radio 1 is going to hit the spot, and this two hour mix does just that, enjoy!

Face Fucking Your Ego To Death (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 4:48 am in Uncategorized by nicholas


Alcohol is making everyones faces FAT. Its happening right here and right now. Fatty sweaty cheeks are gyrating on the dance floor in celebration. She whispers that its the programmers that are the smart ones. No, no, no, she means the deprogrammers…the DEPROGRAMMERS! She says you look like some rapper, who was that rapper? She’ll fuck you because you look like some rapper. Its sooooo STUPID. But who am I to kill an electric moment? Theres only one GATHERING that matters. We’ll meet you there.

 (Editors note: The above passage is in no way related to the picture of the three girls. I met those girls at concert and they were rad. Certainly not into faux rappers, they liked Kurt Cobain. Duh just look at them.)

Our song escapes, on neon silver discs

Our love is plastic, we’ll break it to bits